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Find out about the most suitable lenses for you


Whilst offering advice on the choice of frames, we will also discuss with you the lens options that are suitable for your glasses prescription. These lens options include advice on protecting your eyes from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays (UV) such as special UV coatings to your lenses, Transitions lenses and prescription sunglasses.

The right choice of lens is important to enable your eyewear to fit in with your lifestyle. You may need a correction for close work as well as for long distance use, or you might need glasses only for help with close work for the first time.

Whatever your needs we offer a wide range of lenses, frames and designer frames at DW Roberts and our friendly optometrists will always be willing to help you. Our practices, based in Bletchley, Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Towcester and Wolverton, serve the wider areas of Milton Keynes, Olney, Fenny Stratford, Buckingham, Winslow in North Buckinghamshire and Brackley in South Northamptonshire.

Lens Types

  • Single Vision Essilor
  • These lenses correct your vision for either general use, VDU prescription, distance use or close work use. They are suited to all prescriptions. However, you will have to change your glasses for each task if you have prescriptions for near vision use (e.g. reading glasses) and distance vision use. A better solution might be to combine your prescription so that you can do both tasks without having to do a juggling act. A solution to this problem would be to try varifocal or bifocal lenses.
  • Bifocal lenses
  • Bifocal lenses combine two corrections into one lens. They are an option for people who find varifocals unsuitable. The position of the close work area is flexible but does mean there is a visible line on the lens. The close work area can be varied in size, and depending on your prescription, the two corrections can be for:
    • distance and near use
    • distance and intermediate use
    • intermediate and near use.
  • Varifocals
  • Varifocal lenses combine corrections from distance to close work. The distance area is in the top portion of the lens, where you look straight ahead with a normal head posture. From there the prescription changes progressively, so when you move your eye down the lens you are able to focus from distance to close work with no visible line. Varifocals have the added benefit of not only looking the same as a single vision lens but enabling you to see over a range of distances.
Nikon Leanswear

To complement the above range of options there are occupational lenses. These have been designed to help with close work tasks over a range of near and intermediate use.

These lenses are particularly suited to desk based tasks, where you are using a computer or VDU screen and have the need to see print at a closer distance. These lenses are not for distance use and should not be worn for driving.

Lens Materials

  • Plastic lenses
  • These are the most popular optical lens choice. They are light weight and safer than glass lenses should they break or chip. However they are more likely to scratch than glass lenses. For this reason we will always recommend a scratch resistant coating - hardcoat which helps to prevent scratches on your lenses.
  • Transitions lenses, sunglass tints and polarising tints Transitions
  • Transitions lenses darken on exposure to UV light and become clear again when you go indoors, and are a popular choice. We can also offer lenses with a non-changing permanent sunglass tint on them. These include tints specifically designed for sports use, such as skiing, golf and shooting. A good example of this is a polarising tint which is recommended for people who spend a lot of time on or near water, sailing or fishing.
  • Glass lenses
  • For people who prefer glass, we also have a range of options. Glass lenses are heavier than plastic and are more likely to chip or break and for this reason are considered to be less safe than plastic. They do however have a more durable surface, and are less likely to scratch than plastic lenses.

Lens Coatings

  • Hardcoat Zeiss
  • Hardcoat is added to plastic lenses to protect them from everyday wear and tear, it makes them more resistant to scratching to maintain optimum lens clarity.
  • Reflection free coating (MAR coat)
  • All lenses reflect light both on the surface of the lens and within the lens; this can interfere with vision quality. MAR coatings reduce this, by allowing light to travel through the lens rather than be reflected at the surface. This improves the cosmetic appearance of the lens and your vision is not affected by distracting reflections. We have demonstration lenses in all of our practices – please do not hesitate to ask our friendly staff for advice.
  • UV coat
  • This is a coating added to lenses to fully protect you against the harmful effects of UV light on the eye. Most lenses will give some protection against UV light but for 100% protection a UV coating is recommended.
  • Tints Hoya
  • These are available in a range of colours and shades to suit your requirements. Usually a choice of grey, brown or green, but other colours are available for specialised lenses.
  • Tints are most commonly used for sunglasses, but there is a range of special tints for sports and recreational uses. We hold samples of most options in practice so you are able to view them to see for yourself what a difference they will make to the comfort of your vision.

Lens Manufacturers

As an independent optician, we have the advantage of access to a broad range of lenses from a variety of manufacturers. At DW Roberts our dispensing opticians will always endeavour to offer you the best choice of lenses for your individual requirements.

At DW Roberts, we specialise in supplying top quality lenses. We have been recognized by both Nikon and Essilor as being leading suppliers of their products. As a Nikon Lenswear Consultant, we offer a complete range of Nikon lenses with, probably, the best coatings available. We also supply well known brands such as Zeiss, Hoya and Seiko and a complete range of popular lenses.

If you would like more information on the most suitable lens options for you, please make an appointment to see an optometrist at your closest DW Roberts practice.

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