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Find out more about your child's sight #

Why have your child's eyes tested?


It is important that children's eyes are tested as early as possible because so much of what they learn is taken in through their eyes. Children as young as two or three can have a sight test at DW Roberts and younger infants can be tested at the Children's Eye Department at the hospital . It is essential for your child to have a sight test if there is a family history of any eye condition, or if either parent wears glasses.

Although screening may be done through schools this check is not as thorough as a full sight test and often doesn't include a check of the health of the eyes.

We recommend that children are tested regularly until the age of 16. Prescriptions may change with a child's physical development and the health of the eyes should be regularly assessed.

DW Roberts optometrists in Milton Keynes have provided children's eye care services in Bletchley, Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Towcester and Wolverton for more than 60 years. We also cover the wider areas of Milton Keynes, Olney, Fenny Stratford, Buckingham, Winslow in North Buckinghamshire and Brackley in South Northamptonshire.

Symptoms that suggest the need for a sight test are:

  • Any blurred vision for distance or for close work, (such as reading or not being able to see the board at school)
  • headaches
  • double vision
  • if a child starts to screw up their eyes to see distant or close objects
  • frequently closing one eye when reading, or looking into the distance
  • if the child's eyes appear misaligned
  • if there is a strong family history of any eye conditions
  • if a child is having problems identifying colours
  • if a child is not reaching their developmental milestones

If your child has any of the symptoms described above, or if you have any other concerns about children's eye care, please do not hesitate to book an appointment with one of our experienced optometrists at your closest practice - Bletchley, Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Towcester or Wolverton.

What happens during a sight test?


During your child's eye examination the optometrist will check:

  • the child's prescription (using letters or pictures)
  • whether their eyes are working together (checking for deviations or squints and observing the eye movement using a variety of techniques)
  • the health of the back of the eye (using a light).

How much does a child's sight test cost?

Children under the age of 16, and those up to the age of 19, who are still in full time education, are entitled to a free eye examination under the NHS. Children are also entitled to a voucher contributing towards the cost of the glasses providing they are still in full time education. Please ask our practice staff for details.

School Vision Assessment for Children


We carry out this specialist service for children (aged 5-14) who find it difficult to read in school. If your child is having trouble reading words and sentences or finding it difficult changing focus between the work on their desk and the white board at the front of the classroom then it is possible they may need a visual correction. Other indicators of this visual problem can include headaches, compensatory head postures or indications of tension.

Our SCHOOLVISION assessment aims to help reduce these difficulties with spectacles lenses that have a tint and/or prism correction to allow comfortable, stable vision for reading. This assessment can have a positive impact on the child with improved performance with their reading and other schoolwork. Improved self esteem and confidence together with a reduction in headaches/migraines has occurred in many children who have followed our School Vision Plan. The SCHOOLVISION assessment is an additional service to the NHS eye examination.

Our School Vision Plan includes:

  • The initial SCHOOLVISION assessment
  • Spectacles with tints and/or prisms if required
  • Regular check-ups

Children can be assessed by our Schoolvision optometrist at all our practices, i.e., Bletchley, Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Towcester and Wolverton.

If you would like to book a specialist Schoolvision assessment or simply find out more information about the service including our pricing structure, please contact your nearest DW Roberts' practice.

  • Testimonials from parents:
  • "The Schoolvison test was in so much more detail than the normal sight test. It picked up problems with my son's long distance vision that had been previously missed by other opticians in a shorter sight test. The extra time spent proved very worthwhile in correcting the problems he had encountered with poor long distance vision at school" J.O. (child aged 12).
  • "We have seen a marked improvement in our son's reading, so much so, that he wants to wear his specs and he appreciates how much better his reading is when he wears them. The optometrist has been great with our son during all of the Schoolvison assessment appointments." O.K. (child aged 10)
  • "There has been a massive improvement since the Schoolvision assessment corrective glasses were recommended. We are so pleased the optician suggested the Schoolvision assessment, as no problems had been identified before. Our son's handwriting and reading have improved dramatically. The difference is unbelievable! He is not struggling anymore and no longer needs to sit at the front of the class. Worth every penny!" R.C. (child aged 11)
  • "We were advised by the school to have a schoolvision test carried out. We have seen a great improvement in our daughter since she has been wearing coloured lenses. Enjoying reading and her classwork more, she is getting on much better at school and the teachers have noticed a considerable improvement in her work." O.B. (child aged 9)

Frames and Lenses for Children

  • Children's frames are sized differently to allow for their different facial proportions.
  • They are designed not to damage developing features.
  • The lenses must be centred accurately to allow the best vision for your child.
  • Children are more likely to wear glasses that are well fitting, trendy and comfortable. DW Roberts has a full range of suitable eyewear.
  • Glasses will need to be refitted and adjusted with the growth of a child. This will ensure optimal vision and comfort.
  • Coatings and tints are available for the lenses and, at a small extra cost, we can supply lightweight, shock resistant PNX lenses with 100% UV protection, designed for the more active child!

At DW Roberts we have a wide range of children's frames (including designer frames) with a shape, style, colour and size to suit each individual.

Our friendly dispensing staff are there to offer help when you and your child are ready to choose the frames and lenses you need. We can also supply frames and lenses from the specified prescription if your child has taken a sight test elsewhere (for example, the hospital).

Sunglasses for children

UV light can cause damage to both the skin and the eyes and, while many people appreciate the importance of sunscreen, they often forget about wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes.

It is thought that around 80% of our lifetime's UV exposure occurs by the age of 18 so encouraging your children to wear sunglasses from a young age is very important.

Long term UV exposure is thought to contribute to eye conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for adults and children are available at D W Roberts practices.

Download the Eyecare Trust's 'Guide to safe sun vision' pdf

Contact lenses

Some children may not enjoy wearing spectacles, and an alternative option for children is to try contact lenses.

Contact lenses are a useful addition for children who partake in physical activities such as ballet, football, gymnastics, rugby, etc.

Although not suitable for everybody the majority of prescriptions can be catered for with contact lenses.

Our experienced practice staff will be happy to help you with any queries you have about your children's eyesight and contact lenses options.

If you would like to arrange for your child's vision to be checked, please book an appointment at your nearest D W Roberts practice.

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