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Lifestyle, Sunglasses and Sports

In this section we want to draw your attention to factors that may influence your choice of frames and lenses. All the products discussed can be purchased at all our five practices located in Bletchley, Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Towcester and Wolverton.

Find out more about lifestyle options

UV and Sunglasses


Ultraviolet (UV) light can cause damage to both the skin and the eyes but whereas most people wear suncream, many people forget about wearing sunglasses to protect their eyes.

It is thought that around 80% of our total lifetime's UV exposure occurs by the age of 18. We think it is important to encourage your children to wear sunglasses from an early age.

  • Long-term UV exposure can contribute to certain eye conditions, such as AMD and cataract.
  • Short term UV exposure can also cause Photokeratitis, symptoms of which include hazy vision or temporary loss of vision, halos, pain, gritty eyes, headaches and swollen eyelids. These symptoms may not appear until 6 to 12 hours after exposure to UVB. If you are concerned that you have experienced UV damage to your eyes, please contact your optician.
  • There are certain professions where unavoidable UV exposure occurs: for example dentists and welders. If your occupation involves exposure to UV it is important to consider UV protection, in the form of a 100% UV coating on either your spectacle lenses, contact lenses or goggles.
  • Prescription and non-prescription sunglasses are available at DW Roberts for adults and children. Our staff will always be happy to advise you on the most suitable lenses, lens tints and 'Transitions' lens options. View our Guide to Safe Sun Vision PDF.

Sports and Hobbies

Are your glasses affecting your game? We can't guarantee a win but we can help make the game more enjoyable.

We can:

  • provide glasses designed to suit a variety of sports
  • advise you on a switch from glasses to contact lenses
  • advise you on suitable lenses and frames

Water sports, fishing, golf, motor sports, cycling, shooting, winter sports, snooker and general recreational glasses are just some of the activities we can advise on.

VDU use and The Eye


The Health and Safety regulations regarding VDU screens are set out in the DSE 1992. These regulations state the necessity for the employer to provide regular sight tests for the employee, and if glasses are required for VDU use, the employer should contribute towards them.

Research has been carried out to determine whether using VDU's has a negative impact on the eyes, and the current research suggests that using a VDU has no long-term negative effect on the eyes.

Using a VDU should not affect your prescription; however it may exacerbate the symptoms of your current prescription.

If you have any of the following symptoms, maybe glasses can help. Please contact us for further information.

  • Headaches after using the computer.
  • Eyes feeling strained or tired after computer use.
  • Blurred vision when using the computer, or after computer use.
  • Difficulty changing focus from distance to near.

Eyesight and Diet

A healthy diet is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet may reduce the chances of developing certain eye conditions, such as AMD.

Various nutrients have been suggested to help with your eyes:

  • Vitamin A, C and E help with resistance to free radicals.
  • Omega 3 helps with regeneration of the cells of the retina at the back of the eye.
  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin - these carotenoids help prevent blue light damaging the eye.
  • Zinc helps prevent degeneration of the back of the eye.
  • Beta carotene is a carotenoid that helps prevent blue light damaging the eye.

These nutrients/antioxidants are thought to help protect the body against free radicals, which can cause damage to tissues within the eye and the rest of the body. Most of these nutrients are sold as supplements and are available from DW Roberts practices. Our optometrists will offer advice on the most suitable supplements for you.

Driving Standards

  • The DVLA have certain criteria that need to be met for a person to gain, and maintain a driving licence. The criteria vary depending on which category of vehicle you wish to drive.
  • The DVLA requirement for a standard driving licence is that you must be able to read a number plate at 20.5m (or 20m if it is a new style number plate). This is roughly equivalent to the fifth line on the optometrist's letter chart.
  • The DVLA also specify the minimum allowable visual field (which is the limit of your peripheral vision). Your visual field can be tested at DW Roberts. If you have any concerns about your vision, or visual field, please ask your optician.
  • DW Roberts is pleased to offer DVLA vision screening at our Bletchley, Stony Stratford and Towcester practices. This service has been used by many people living in Milton Keynes and the nearby towns of Brackley, Buckingham and Olney.
  • For further information on driving standards, please follow this link to the Direct.gov.uk website for more details of DVLA driving standards

Industrial Protective Eyewear

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (1992) states that employers have a basic duty to provide safety equipment if required – please feel free to ask any questions regarding personal eye protection.

Your employer should provide a form that specifies the frames, lens material and any coatings necessary to protect you in your line of work. Ask your employer for further information on protective eyewear.

Personal Eye Protection can also be ordered privately. Our staff will be able to advise you on the most suitable lenses and frames. Lenses available include CR39, polycarbonate and toughened glass. These provide increased impact resistance to any hazards you may encounter.

If you wish to find out more about the lifestyle options, please book an appointment at your closest DW Roberts practice.

Regular Eye Tests

Our five opticians practices in Bletchley, Newport Pagnell, Stony Stratford, Towcester and Wolverton cover the wider areas of Milton Keynes, including Fenny Stratford, Olney, Buckingham and Winslow in North Buckinghamshire and Brackley in South Northamptonshire.

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