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Change your Child’s Future – Schoolvision Assessments at DW Roberts

Posted on by Karen

 If your child is having difficulty with reading and schoolwork

 we may be able to help…

DW Roberts is one of the few opticians in the UK that now offers the specialist Schoolvision Assessment Screening programme to help children who are struggling to keep up at school.  The extra tests involved in the Schoolvision assessment are designed to pick up and treat early vision problems which would often go undiagnosed in a standard sight test.

DW Roberts are very happy to be able to offer the full Schoolvision Assessment service at all of our five practices.  If you have any questions regarding your child’s sight in relation to their learning, or would just like to find out more about Schoolvision, please contact your nearest practice for full details of the Schoolvision Assessment programme and it’s pricing structure.

63 Queensway, Bletchley, MK2 2DR (01908 373131)
3 St John Street, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8HE (01908 218121)
16 High Street, Stony Stratford, MK11 1AF (01908 562355)
6 Sponne Centre, Towcester, NN12 6BY (01327 350240)
11 The Square, Radcliffe Street, Wolverton, MK12 5DQ (01908 313338)

Benefits of school Vision:

Improved classroom behaviour / attention

Reduction of headaches / migraines

Increased reading speed

Increased self esteem & confidence

Better school performance

Increased concentration

Testimonials from parents:

We have received positive testimonials from delighted parents who have noticed a marked improvement in their children’s reading speed and school work:

“The Schoolvison test was in so much more detail than the normal sight test.  It picked up problems with my son’s long distance vision that had been previously missed by other opticians in a shorter sight test.  The extra time spent proved very worthwhile in correcting the problems he had encountered with poor long distance vision at school” J.O. (child aged 12).

“We have seen a marked improvement in our son’s reading, so much so, that he wants to wear his specs and he appreciates how much better his reading is when he wears them.  The optometrist has been great with our son during all of the Schoolvison assessment appointments.” O.K. (child aged 10)

“There has been a massive improvement since the Schoolvision assessment corrective glasses were recommended.  We are so pleased the optician suggested the Schoolvision assessment, as no problems had been identified before.  Our son’s handwriting and reading have improved dramatically.  The difference is unbelievable! He is not struggling anymore and no longer needs to sit at the front of the class. Worth every penny!” R.C. (child aged 11)

“We were advised by the school to have a schoolvision test carried out.  We have seen a great improvement in our daughter since she has been wearing coloured lenses.  Enjoying reading and her classwork more, she is getting on much better at school and the teachers have noticed a considerable improvement in her work.” O.B. (child aged 9)

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